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Conference paper, 2008

Validation of manure sanitation methods performed at laboratory scale

Elving J, Ottoson JR, Vinnerås Björn, Albihn A


One use of manure is for soil production and use in e.g. gardens. If not sanitized properly manure can be a health risk for both animals and humans. Commercial use of manure is since January 2007 in EU controlled by Commission regulation (EC) 208/2006. In this regulation it is stated that the manure should be treated in 70oC for at least 60 minutes or by other processes authorized by the competent authority. To get such authorization of an alternative treatment process a validation of the intended process has to be done by the applicant. We suggest that validation of many suggested processes could be performed in a laboratory scale with control of parameters critical for the sanitation. This article gives an example of validation of heat treatment in 52oC in a laboratory scale process

Published in


6th Ramiran conference

Authors' information

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Energy and Technology
Elving, J
Ottoson, JR
Albihn, A

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