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Research article2009Peer reviewed

Effect of Harvesting Period on Yield and Fuel Quality of Corn Stover

Liu, Jili; Cheng, Xu; Xie, Guanghui; Xiong, Shaojun; Zhu, Wanbin


Objective: The objective of this experiment is to evaluate the variation in yield and fuel quality of corn stover under different harvesting periods and to determine appropriate harvesting periods. Method: Using Zhengdan 958 as research material, the effect of harvesting periods on yield and fuel quality of corn stover was studied under field conditions in Baicheng Academy of Agricultural Sciences during 2007-2008. Result: Results showed that with the delayed harvesting period, yield of corn stover decreased, and the proportion of leaves reduced gradually. Moisture, ash, and mineral elements contents of corn stover significantly decreased, cellulose and lignin contents increased, but hemicellulose content decreased. Calorific value of corn stover was maximum at filling stage and minimum at maturity, it was slightly higher after maturity. Calorific value was significantly correlated with cellulose and lignin contents. Ash content was significantly positively correlated with mineral elements contents, and was significantly negatively correlated with Si/K ratio. Conclusion: Delayed harvesting reduced the yield of corn stover, but significantly improved its fuel quality. Corn stover fuel quality was better when harvested in winter and spring.

Published in

Zhongguo Nong Ye Ke Xue ==
2009, Volume: 42, number: 6, pages: 2229-2236

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    Renewable Bioenergy Research
    Agricultural Science

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