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Research article2004Peer reviewed

Fingerask (Fraxinus excelsior f. digitata) en avvikande form på Gotland

Iwarsson, Mattias; Nordin, Ingvar


The article emphasises the general importance of the Common European Ash on the island Gotland. It features the deviating form Fraxinus excelsior f. digitata forma nova as described by I. Nordin & M. Iwarsson. It features pairpinned finger-coupled leaves. Compared to the common ash Fraxinus excelsior, has slightly broader lanceolate leaflets, acutely angeled at apex and not apiculate. The material was propagated at J.P. Hansson's Nursery in Snausarve, silte pparish. It came from a tree which the botanist Bengt Pettersson found in the parish När, on the island Gotland in 1940. Grafted trees have been cultivated in the Botanical Garden of Uppsala University and in Visby since 1965. A third tree has been found at Snausarve, Silte Parish, Gotland. The article charts the history of J.P. Hansson adn describe the propagation process

Published in

2004, Volume: 84, pages: 11-18
Publisher: Föreningen för Dendrologi och Parkvård

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    SLU Swedish Biodiversity Centre

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    Landscape Architecture

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