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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2003

Tentative avenanthramide-modifying enzyme in oats

Bryngelsson S, Sunnerheim K, Holm C, Dimberg LH


A decrease of the concentration of the synthetic avenanthramide N(4'-hydroxy-(E)-cinnamoyl)-5-hydroxyanthranilic acid in a buffered slurry of milled oat groats (Avena sativa L.) was temperature and pH-dependent, with a maximum rate at 30degreesC and pH 9. The reaction was inhibited in the presence of 2-mercaptoethanol, acetic acid and at high temperature; suggestive of enzymatically catalyzed nature. Among eight different synthetic avenanthramides tested, the tentative enzyme had highest affinity for avenanthramides comprising caffeic and p-coumaric acids and lowest for those comprising sinapic and ferulic acids. The activity was found in samples from several oat cultivars and was equally pronounced in both bran and endosperm. flour of oats. Steeping of oat grains did not influence the reaction

Published in

Cereal Chemistry
2003, Volume: 80, number: 3, pages: 361-364

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    Food Science

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