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Conference paper, 2001

Miljöbelastning från utomhus vistelseytor för grisar

von; Wachenfelt, Hans


An investigation was conducted during 1997-2000 to determine the environment load from piglet-finishing pig production in a semi outdoor production unit. The aim was to quantify the amount and concentration of nutrients in the run-off rainwater from outdoor dwelling areas during winter conditions. The barn, with open front, had four deep litter pens, with a scraped dung area and an outdoor area (4 x 4 m2) for each pen. The outdoor areas were constructed, as none-porous (concrete) and porous (gravel) pavements. The number of pigs per pen during the measuring period was in average 21 including 2 sows during the weaning period. The drainage- and run-off water quantity as well as the quality from the outdoor areas were registered and analyzed according to Swedish Standards (1991). The porous pavement had a sealed canvas drained by a pipe to a collection well. The dominating parameters in the drainage- and run-off water are BOD 7, COD, suspended substance and dry matter content. Strong reductions were obtained in the non-porous pavements but a problem could be the high amount of suspended substance and dry matter content

Published in

Book title: Sustainable Handling and Utilization of Livestock Manure from Animals to Plants
Publisher: Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Research Centre Foulum, P.O: Box 50, DK-8830 Tjele


NJF-seminar no. 320

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    • Von Wachenfelt, Hans

      • Department of Rural Buildings and Animal Husbandry [LBT], Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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    Agricultural Science

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