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Conference paper2008Peer reviewed

Resource-efficient production of biogas from energy crops

Björnsson, Lovisa; Börjesson, Pål; Gissén, Charlott; Kreuger, Emma; Lantz, Mikael; Mattsson, Jan Erik; Prade, Thomas; Svensson, Sven-Erik


If agriculture is going to shift from providing food to producing fuel, efficient utilisation of the limited land areas is necessary. Production of biogas from energy crops is one of the alternatives that have given the highest fuel yields per land unit under Swedish conditions, and in-depth studies are necessary to further define the conditions. This recently initiated interdisciplinary research project aims at showing that energy balances can be improved, both in crop cultivation and biogas production. Preliminary results show that both proper crop selection, replacement of mineral fertilisers with urban biofertilisers and optimised harvest times give significant impacts on net fuel (biogas) yields


Transportation fuel; energy balance; energy crop rotation

Published in

Publisher: International Water Association


5th International Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion of Solid Wastes and Energy Crops