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Conference paper, 2005

Analiza comparativă a globulinelor în cadrul sistemului ASC-Rf la floarea-soarelui

Duca, Maria; Capatâna, Ana; Port, Angela; Glijin, Aliona; Artîcov, Gulinara; Ermolaev, Evgheni


Sunflower globulins are represented by helianthinin, a protein which is used as molecular maker in sunflower breeding. The globulins have shown 19-32 polypeptide bands specter, with Mr 13-99 kDa, also characterized by major, middle and minor polypeptide intensity. Almost all bands have been proved to be commune for all genotypes, that fact showed specie's individuality. But, one has revealed specific peculiarities both in middle of families' genotypes, and between parental lines and first-generation hybrid

Published in

Title: Reports and Abstracts of the VIII Geneticist's and Breeders Congress of Moldova
ISBN: 9975-78-427-5
Publisher: Academy of Sciences of Moldova


Genetics and Breeding of Plants, Animals and Microorganisms

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    Genetics and Breeding

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