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Research article2005

Polimorfizm i geterogennost' summarnogo belka semjan podsolnechnika

Duca, Maria; Reva, Veaceslav; Ermolaev, Evgheni; Capatâna, Ana


Water soluble proteins of sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seeds were analyzed by electrophoresis in 12.5% SDSPAAG. The results indicated the presence of polymorphism and heterogeneity by component composition and intensity of bands in the studied hybrid varieties. All of the studied hybrids have a common range of heterogeneity, in which it indicates by the band composition or by intensity and a particular one, which is specific for every hybrid. The analysis of obtained data by electrophoresis showed that the more number of bands in the spectrum of soluble proteins, the bigger level of heterogeneity was observed. The phenomenon of hybrid vigor was revealed for all of the studied hybrids, it was shown by presence of the maximal number of bands in hybrid spectrum in comparison with the parental one. The intensity of hybrid's spectrum bands lies at the level of that parental form, which has its maximal manifestation

Published in

Anale stiintifice ale Universitatii de Stat din Moldova. Seria "Stiinte chimico-biologice
2005, pages: 342-346

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