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Conference paper - Peer-reviewed, 2008

Estimating leaf area dsitribution in the greenhouse pot chrysanthemum cultivar 'Lompoc'

Larsen, Rolf Uno; Nothnagl, Margit


A dynamic model was developed with the objective of predicting changes in shoot leaf area in pot chrysanthemum. From specified final areas of individual leaves, the model can reconstruct dynamic growth of each leaf on a side shoot using a modified Richards function. In the model, growth is related to an index of plant development and the relative time of leaf appearance and the following growth can be estimated. Experiments were conducted under greenhouse conditions to collect data for parameter estimation, model verification and model validation. When compared with the data used for parameter estimation, the model simulations fitted the data with R 2-values ranging from 0.979. In the validation trial the model showed a tendency of overestimating the early growth of the leaves. The R 2 values ranged from 0.899 to 0.993

Published in

Acta Horticulturae
2008, volume: 766, pages: 81-88
Book title: Proceedings of the international symposium on ornamentals now!
ISBN: 978-90-6605-156-0
Publisher: International Society of Horticultural Science


International Horticultural Congress 2006

Authors' information

Larsen, Rolf Uno
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture

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