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Associative Learning Through Art Activities

Dahlman, Y.; Boman, M.


Specific art activities were introduced at the chemistry program at Uppsala University (UU) during the academic year 2006/07 at three different university levels: (a) the preparatory year for natural science students, (b) the seventh semester in the chemical engineering program, and (c) the Ph.D. program. During 2007/08, the seventh semester activities were repeated (with some alterations). The background is that one of the chemistry teachers realized that most students are capable of learning what the textbook says, but a considerable number still lack the necessary insight to comprehend the subject. Hence, he wanted to try a different pedagogical approach - one which not only permits students to articulate what they have learned, but also allows thetas to demonstrate their understanding.Many of the students who have participated in our project have now been able to formulate what they do not understand and, by so doing, increase their knowledge. This paper will discuss why working with pictures has had this effect.

Published in

Title: Chemistry Education in the ICT Age
ISBN: 978-1-4020-9731-7
Publisher: Springer


20th International Conference on Chemical Education

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