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Conference abstract, 2008

New systematics and generic circumscription of parmelioid lichens inferred from multigene analysis provided by PARSYS-08

Divakar PK, Crespo A, Kauff F, Del Prado R, Perez-Ortega S, Amo De Paz G, Ferencova Z, Blanco O, Arguello A, Millanes A, Molina MC, Normore MP, Wedin M, Aptroot A, Bungartz F, Calvelo S, Candan M, Cole M, Elix JA, Ertz D, Goffinet B, Knight A, Lendemer J, Lindblom L, Lücking R, Lutzoni F, Mattsson J-E, Messuti MI, Perlmutter G, Rico VJ, Spribille T, Steffen UP, Sweat K, Thell A, Thor Göran, Urbanavichus G, Lumbsch T

Published in


IAL 6- ABLS Joint Meeting

Authors' information

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Ecology
Arguello, A.
Del Prado, R.
Divakar, P.K.
Kauff, F
Knight, A.
Lendemer, J.
Lumbsch, T.
Mattsson, J.-E.
Messuti, M.I.
Molina, M.C.
Normore, M.P.
Perez-Ortega, S.
Perlmutter, G.
Rico, V.J.
Steffen, U.P.
Sweat, K.
Urbanavichus, G.
Aptroot, A.
Crespo, A.

UKÄ Subject classification

Environmental Sciences related to Agriculture and Land-use

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