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Report, 2007

Habitat modelling - A tool for managing landscapes?

Brainerd Scott M, Kastdalen Leif, Seiler Andreas
Kastdalen, Leif (ed.); Seiler, Andreas (ed.)


A sustainable landscape management requires tools for assessment of impacts caused by changes in land use, infrastructure and human settlement. These tools must help to compare alternative scenarios and evaluate their consequences for e.g. biodiversity. Habitat suitability models, based on empirical or expert knowledge can provide such tools. Various types of models have been developed and are used in ecological sciences already. However, their implementation in regional planning in Scandinavia is still very limited. The Mistra program INCLUDE, together with the Norwegian SatNat program, a user program financed by the Norwegian Space Agency and the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management (DN) organized a workshop on applied habitat modelling which was held during February 14-17, 2006 at Sunnersta Herrgård in Uppsala. A total of 23 experts from Norway and Sweden attended this workshop and discussed different modelling approaches and how these can be improved and implemented. It was concluded that the dialogue between researchers and users needs considerable improvement. Researchers must learn more about user requirements, whereas users need a better understanding of the possibilities and constraints in modelling tools. Model validation and quality control are necessary requirements to be met prior to implementation. Relevant background data must be made easily available. Developments in remote sensing techniques and satellite imagery have already produced highly improved landscape information, although there is still a need for improved access to biological data. In addition, better knowledge is required regarding parameters which should be included in modelling approaches. Web-based metadata on spatial and biological data could help to make these more widely available. However, applicable tools for landscape management must combine biological data with data from the disciplines of economics and social sciences. The participants of this workshop propose therefore a series of interdisciplinary seminars on landscape modelling to be organized and held by interested end-users

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ISBN: 978-82-426-1755-2
Publisher: NINA, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research

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