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Research article2008Peer reviewed

Species delimitation based on multiple criteria: the Spotted Bush Warbler Bradypterus thoracicus complex (Aves: Megaluridae)

Alström, Per; Rasmussen, Pamela C; Olsson, Urban; Sundberg, Per


We demonstrate the importance of using multiple criteria in species delimitations, whatever the conceptual base for species delimitation. We do this by studying plumage, biometrics, egg coloration, song, mitochondrial DNA and habitat/altitudinal distribution in the Spotted Bush Warbler Bradypterus thoracicus (Blyth) complex, and by conducting playback experiments. Taxa that we suggest are best treated as separate species [B. thoracicus (Blyth), B. davidi (La Touche) and B. kashmirensis (Sushkin)] differ in most or all of these aspects, particularly in song and mitochondrial DNA, while those that we treat as subspecies (suschkini) or synonyms (przevalskii) differ slightly and only in morphology

Published in

Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society
2008, Volume: 154, pages: 291–307

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