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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2008

Efficient adenovector CD40 ligand immunotherapy of canine malignant melanoma

von Euler, Henrik; Sadeghi, Arian; Carlsson, Bjorn; Rivera, Patricio; Loskog, Angelica; Segall, Thomas; Korsgren, Olle; Totterman, Thomas H.
Von Euler, Henrik (ed.)


Cutaneous canine melanomas are usually benign in contrast to human malignant melanoma. However, the canine oropharyngeal, uveal, and mucocutaneous neoplasms are aggressive and have metastatic potential. Surgery and to a lesser extent radiotherapy and chemotherapy are widely adopted treatments but are seldom curative in advanced stages. The similarities between human and canine melanoma make spontaneous canine melanoma an excellent disease model for exploring novel therapies. Herein, we report the first 2 adenovector CD40L immunogene (AdCD40L) treatments of aggressive canine malignant melanoma. Case no. I was an advanced stage III oral melanoma that was cured from malignant melanoma with 2 intratumor AdCD40L injections before cytoreductive surgery. After treatment, the tumor tissue was infiltrated with T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes suggesting immune activation. This dog survived 401 days after the first round of gene therapy and was free of melanoma at autopsy. Case no. 2 had a conjunctival malignant melanoma with a rapid progression. This case was treated with 6 AdCD40L injections over 60 days. One hundred and twenty days after start of gene therapy and 60 days after the last injection, the tumor had regressed dramatically, and the dog had a minimal tumor mass and no signs of progression or metastasis. Our results indicate that AdCD40L immunogene therapy is beneficial in canine malignant melanoma and could be considered for human malignant melanoma as well.


malignant melanoma; canine malignant melanoma; CD40L; immunotherapy

Published in

Journal of Immunotherapy
2008, Volume: 31, number: 4, pages: 377-384

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