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Conference paper2009Peer reviewed

Self-Assembled Titania Micelles for Drug Delivery and Bio-Control Applications

Seisenbaeva Gulaim, Kessler Vadim, Håkansson Peder Sebastian, Unell Maria


The modification of titanium alkoxides with hydrophylic and easily protonated ligands proposed in this work permits preparation of highly biocompatible and photochemically inactive titania sols and gels, capable of encapsulating living microorganisms and pharmaceuticals with the release mechanism controllable in a chemical and possibly even biochemical way via addition of chelating carboxylate ligands in solutions buffered at neutral pH


bioencapsulation; metal-organic sol-gel; titania nanoparticles; drug delivery

Published in

Title: Proceeding of ICNM - 2009


1st International Conference on Nanostructured Materials and Nanocomposites