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Research article2009Peer reviewed

Metabolomic evaluation of pulsed electric field-induced stress on potato tissue

Galindo, Federico Gomez; Dejmek, Petr; Lundgren, Krister; Rasmusson, Allan G.; Vicente, Antonio; Moritz, Thomas


Metabolite profiling was used to characterize stress responses of potato tissue subjected to reversible electroporation, providing insights on how potato tissue responds to a physical stimulus such as pulsed electric fields (PEF), which is an artificial stress. Wounded potato tissue was subjected to field strengths ranging from 200 to 400 V/cm, with a single rectangular pulse of 1 ms. Electroporation was demonstrated by propidium iodide staining of the cell nucleae. Metabolic profiling of data obtained through GC/TOF-MS and UPLC/TOF-MS complemented with orthogonal projections to latent structures clustering analysis showed that 24 h after the application of PEF, potato metabolism shows PEF-specific responses characterized by the changes in the hexose pool that may involve starch and ascorbic acid degradation.

Published in

2009, Volume: 230, number: 3, pages: 469-479