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Improving the road planning process: A case study of stakeholder comments on two swedish road projects

Hylmö, K


Two Swedish road projects were studied to find ways to shorten the time spent in the road planning process. The results indicated that the road projects developed very differently. One planning project developed rather smoothly, while the other received an escalating flood of letters. Concerns about the environment and landscape were present in the majority of these letters, pointing to the importance of involving the expertise of landscape planners or environmentalists in the management of road development projects. This article's conclusion stresses the importance of inviting early submission of viewpoints and of responding to people's questions in order to achieve acceptance of a project; it also stresses the significance of keeping communication open with affected sectors of the public from the very beginning of a project


planning projects; roads; landscape; environment; road development

Published in

Environmental Practice
2005, Volume: 7, number: 1, pages: 44-53

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    Social Sciences
    Landscape Architecture
    Economics and Business

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