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Proceedings (editor), 2002

Mass balances and dust reduction methods in pig houses

Gustafsson, Gösta


The mass balance of dust as well as the efficiency of different dust reducing measures have been investigated and analysed. Investigations have shown that the generation of dust is influenced by the number and the weight of the pigs. Settling of dust is a more important mechanism in the mass balance of dust than ventilation rate. A major part of the generated dust settles on different surfaces inside the buildings. The settling rate of dust is affected by the concentration of dust in the air. The settled amount of dust also stands in relation to the floor area of a stable. An increased ventilation rate has a limited effect on the concentration of total dust due to the importance of the settling of the dust. However, it has been observed that the type of ventilation technique may influence concentration of respirable particles. Also the type of housing system influence the generation of dust. One factor which has a strong influence on the concentration of dust is the activity in the buildings. Dust reducing measures as electrostatic air cleaning of the air and removal of dust with vacuum cleaners have limited influence on dust concentration. Automatic spraying of small droplets of water has reduced the dust concentration with two types of spraying nozzles. For another type of nozzle the generation of dust has increased due to an ultra sound which created an increased activity of the pigs. Spraying with a mixture of rape seed oil has also been effective with manual spraying as well as with an automatic spraying system. The oil seems to have an effect on the generation of dust from the skin but also to function as a dust binding agent for settled dust


Dust; swine; ventilation

Published in

2002, volume: 2002, number: 235
Publisher: Landbauforschung Völkenrode, Braunschweigh, Germany

Editors' information

Gustafsson, Gösta
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Agricultural Biosystems and Technology

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Environmental Sciences related to Agriculture and Land-use

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