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Research article2009Peer reviewed

Persistent immune responses in late infection and after treatment in experimental Schistosoma bovis infections in goats

Sörén, K; Monrad, J; Johansen, MV; Lindberg, Ronny


This study explored host immune response and their possible relationship to the anti-fecundity phenomenon in Schistosoma bovis-infected goats. The design comprised a primary infection with or without treatment at ween (wk) 13, and with or without challenge at wik 36. Necropsy was performed at 36 or 52 wk. Serum levels of anti-egg IgG, and anti-worm IgG and IgM, were measured by ELISA: In chronic infection, anti-worm antibodies stayed haigh, reflecting persisting worm burdens

Published in

Research in Veterinary Science
2009, Volume: 86, number: 3, pages: 472-478
Publisher: Elsevier

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