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Konferensartikel, 2009

Curve closing by gradient weighted distance transformation applied in automated cervical cancer screening

Malm Patrik, Brun Anders


In this paper, a nuclei segmentation algorithm that uses a gradient weighted distance transform for curve closing is described. Edge detection methods often return broken edges that need to be closed to achieve proper segmentation. Based n a Canny edge result, this method generates a distance map that is dependent on local gradient directions and magnitudes making it possible to promote propagation along edges rather than away from them. Through this procedure, which is a kind of adaptive morphology, it is possible to achieve curve closing even along very weak edges. The method is developed within a larger project aimed at creating a cervical cancer screening system mainly intended to allow automated screening in developing countries


Curve closing; gradient weighted; cervical cancer screening

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Utgivare: EIS, Halmstad University


SSBA 2009: Symposium on Image Analysis

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    • Brun, Anders

      • Centre for Image Analysis, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
      • Malm, Patrik

        • Centre for Image Analysis, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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