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Conference abstract, 2009

Fibre strength, stiffness and thickness of Swedish grown hemp - a study of plant development and fibre conditions

Svennerstedt Bengt, Nilsson Torulf, Gustafsson Per-Johan


Tensile strength and thickness of fibre bundles were tested for industrial hemp grown in southern Sweden during 2004-2006. Strength and stiffness of individual technical fibres were furthermore determined by testing the tensile stress versus strain performance. The field trials included two monoecious varieties, Beniko and Futura 75, at seed rate of 30 kg/ha. The trials were harvested at one, two or three stages in the autumn each year. The tests of individual fibres comprised retted fibres of three different lengths, with and without embedment in glue. The glue embedment represented fibre performance within a composite material. The mean strengths of the fibre bundles from hemp harvested at different times 2004-2006 were 304-353 MPa for Beniko and 257-496 MPa for Futura 75. The mean fibre thicknesses were found to be 111-133 μm for Beniko and 109-134 μm for Futura 75 [1]. The tests of individual technical fibres showed that fibre strength is significantly affected by both fibre length and glue embedment. The strength was, e.g., 820 MPa for glued fibres with length 3 mm and 420 MPa for unglued fibres with 27 mm length. The mean modulus of elasticity was 50.4 and 65.1 GPa for the unglued and glued fibres, respectively [2]. References [1] Svennerstedt, B. 2008. Hemp Biomass, Fibre Strength and Thickness – Trials in Southern Sweden 2004-2006. Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference on Flax and Other Bast Plants. July 21-23 2008. Saskatoon. Canada. [2] Nilsson, T. 2006. Micromechanical Modelling of Natural Fibres for Composite Materials. Licentiate Dissertation, Report TVSM-3067, Division of Structural Mechanics, Lund University, Sweden

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Book title: Book of Abstract
Publisher: Innventia AB, Stockholm


Workshop on Single Fiber Testing and Modeling

Authors' information

Svennerstedt, Bengt
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Agrosystem
Gustafsson, Per-Johan
Nilsson, Torulf

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Agricultural Science

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