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Report2009Open access

Observationsfält med lerjord – karakterisering av fosforns löslighet och sorption

Ulén, Barbro; Eriksson, Ann Kristin


Soil samples from five of the observations fields belonging to the programme "Observations Fields on Arable Land" were characterised for phosphorus (P) solubility and sorption. P concentration increased with the extraction agent (method) in the following order: calcium chloride (P-CaCl2) < water (Pw) < hydrogen carbonate (Olsen-P) < ammonium lactate (P-AL) < hydrochloric acid (P-HCl) < nitric acid (P-HNO3). Phosphorus sorption index (PSI) was found to be closely related to the concentrations of iron (Fe) and aluminum (Al) extracted with oxalate (ox) and acid ammonium lactate (AL) for most soils (r=0.87 and r= 0.71 respectively). It may be possible to include PSI value in a relationship between P concentration in soil and P concentration in drainage water


Fosforlöslighet; Extraktionslösningar; Phosphorus sorption index

Published in

Rapport (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för mark och miljö)
2009, number: 2
ISBN: 978-91-86197-59-9
Publisher: Institutionen för mark och miljö, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet