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Conference paper2009

Safe nutrient recycling - usage of urine and faecal based fertilizer

Vinnerås, Björn; Jönsson, Håkan


For production of a safe fertiliser; urine and faeces in a safe way they need to be treated. This paper looks closer into different treatment alternatives and reuse regimes for safe food production. To complement the presented treatment alternatives three case studies are presented where the urine and faecal fractions are reused as safe fertilisers, one home garden in Sweden, one large blackwater system in Sweden and one faecal management system in an urban slum area in Kenya

Published in

Braunschweig : Ges. zur Förderung des Inst. für Siedlungswasserwirtschaft
2009, pages: 55-71
Title: Abwasserrecycling - Chancen und Risiken


2. Internationales Symposium Abwasserrecycling