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'Swedes revisited': a landrace inventory in Sweden : a landrace inventory in Sweden

Weibull, Jens; Jansson, Eva; Wedelsbäck-Bladh, Katarina


This is an account of a national inventory of primarily vegetable seeds - the 'Seed Call' - that took place between 2002 and 2004. A major part of the seeds was represented by peas and beans. Many of the collected seeds came from locally adapted cultivars or landraces. New genetic diversity was detected. All seed material is now deposited at NordGen, the joint Nordic genetic resource center.


Genetic diversity; Landraces; Inventory; Vegetables

Published in

Bioversity Technical Bulletins
2009, number: 15, pages: 155-160 Title: European landraces: on-farm conservation, management and use
ISBN: 978-92-9043-805-2Publisher: Bioversity International