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Conference paper, 2003

Fungal growth on exterior coatings for wood

Peter, Weissenborn; ; Gunilla, Östberg; ; Bardage, Stig


An extensive study of fungal growth on painted wooden panels has been carried. Water and solvent borne paints, primers and opaque stains were investigated. Outdoor location and surrounding macro-environment of field test sites had a clear effect on fungal growth. Type of binder, fungicide and primer also affected fungal growth. Uneven development of fungal growth was observed on panels containing sapwood and heartwood. Correlation with laboratory tests depended on type of paint. Some paints showed very little fungal growth outdoors but significant growth in the laboratory. The overall results highlight the complexity in evaluation of fungal growth on paints


Fungi; Paint; Coatings; wood

Published in

Publisher: SLF - Skandinaviska Lackteknikers Förbund


17 SLF Congress “Future Trends in Coatings Technology”

Authors' information

Bardage, Stig
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Forest economy
Peter, Weissenborn,
Gunilla, Östberg,

UKÄ Subject classification

Forest Science

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