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Prospects of Dialogue-Inspired Methods as Tools for Knowledge Transfer: Technology for Sustainable Horticulture Meets Experiential Knowledge Communities

Alsanius, B. W.; Ratkic, A.; Persson, E.; Loefkvist, K.


Horticultural production systems have a large environmental impact. Legislation, ordinances and quality assurance systems provide guidelines for implementing sustainable production technologies in horticulture at a higher level. Horticultural research has compiled solutions to improve sustainable production. Despite of regulations, hands-on information, solid scientific data on sustainable strategies for horticulture and a general environmental awareness, there is reluctance in considering sustainable technology and reorganizing horticultural production lines. Knowledge within commercial horticulture is situated knowledge; this means experience consolidated within the branch is a precondition for application. However, knowledge on sustainable technology follows the tradition of natural sciences and technology. Another crucial aspect concerns the path from understanding sustainable technology to putting it into action. Reflection on reflection in action as an activity aims at producing a good verbal description of reflection in action, which can be shared with other people. While reflection in or on action is primarily private the notion of reflection on reflection in action is tied to the fact that learning and experience exchange are social activities that proceed in different communities of practice. Dialogue-inspired methods may act as a tool. In the present paper we discuss the dialogue seminar and Socratic dialog methods to bridge the gap between scientific and technological progress in horticulture and horticultural practice to be employed in horticultural extension.


dialogue seminar method; experiential knowledge; reflection on reflection in action; Socratic dialogue; tacit knowledge

Published in

Acta Horticulturae
2009, Volume: 832, pages: 27-31 Title: V International Symposium on Horticultural Research, Training and Extension
ISBN: 978-90-66054-48-6


V International Symposium on Horticultural Research, Training and Extension

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