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Conference paper2011Peer reviewed

Attention Modulation of Sensory Systems

Liljenstrom, Hans; Gu, Yuqiao


Attention and arousal seems to enhance the efficiency of neural information processing. We use computer simulations of various sensory systems in order to investigate how the neurodynamics of, these systems can be modulated for optimal performance in an unknown and changing environment. Using an inter scale model of the insect antennal lobe, we demonstrate how attention modulation can change the sensitivity for sex pheromones. We also study how neural oscillations in mammalian olfactory cortex can serve to amplify weak signals and sustain an input pattern for more accurate information processing, and how chaotic-like behaviour could increase the sensitivity in initial, exploratory states. Finally, we use a neural network model of visual cortex area V4, in order to investigate potential cellular and network mechanisms for visual attention, reproducing experimental findings of attention induced gamma-frequency synchronization.


Attention; Neuromodulation; Acetylcholine; Olfaction; Vision; Neural network models; Inter-scale interactions

Published in

ISBN: 978-90-481-9694-4


2nd International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics (ICCN 2009), NOV 15-19, 2009, Hangzhou, PEOPLES R CHINA