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Occupational Injuries to Senior Farmers in Sweden

Nilsson, Kerstin; Pinzke, Stefan; Lundqvist, Peter


The prevailing demographic change in the western world means that the workforce is becoming older. Farmers in particular often work beyond the normal retirement age, in a challenging physical environment. For example, the agricultural sector has the most hazardous work environment in Sweden. Therefore, it is interesting to examine the following questions: Are senior farmers more frequently involved in work-related injuries? Do some injuries happen more often in the oldest age group? Which part of the body is most frequently affected in different age groups? What can be done to decrease the risk of injury in senior farmers?


occupational injuries; farmers; Sweden; aging; elderly; work accident

Published in

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
2010, Volume: 16, number: 1, pages: 19-29
Publisher: American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE)