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Land evaluation methodology: small-scale agro-pastoralist farming systems : agricultural community case study in the IV Region of Chile

Lustig, Thomas


This paper reviews non-computerised and computerised land evaluation methods or methodologies, and realises the difficulties to incorporate biophysical and socioeconomic factors from different levels. Therefore, this paper theorises an alternative land evaluation approach, which is tested and elaborated in an agricultural community in the North of Chile. The basis of the approach relies on holistic thinking and attempts to evaluate the potential for improving assumed unsustainable goat management practices. The concept of "potential for development methodology" (PDM) summarises this specific evaluation approach, of which, the soft systems methodology (SSM) is a crucial part. The purpose of SSM is to enhance the under-standing of complex human situations that are perceived as problematic by stakeholders. Final results of PDM are potential classes, which indicate the ability of stake-holders to improve the actual situation. Comparing PDM with the land evaluation approach promoted by FAO, shows complementarity and possibilities to incorporate socio-economic issues within the terminology of the agroeco-logical zoning (AEZ) concept. Thus, this paper suggests a land evaluation approach that may facilitate the incorporation of socioeconomic characteristics from higher (e.g. governmental institutions) and local (e.g. NGOs and farmers) levels


land evaluation; Chile; socioeconomic; agriculture

Published in

Avdelningsmeddelande / Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet, Institutionen för markvetenskap, Avdelningen för lantbrukets hydroteknik
1998, number: 98:1
Publisher: Institutionen för markvetenskap, Avdelningen för lantbrukets hydroteknik, Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

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Fish and Aquacultural Science
Social Sciences
Economics and Business

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