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Conference paper2008

Meeting the Dublin Principles in graywater management in rural communities in northeastern Badia of Jordan

Assayed M, Suleiman W, Hayek B, Dalahmeh S


The main objective of this paper was to document the experience of the Royal Scientific Society in the integrated management of graywater in Jordanian rural communities. This paper presents interim results of an ongoing project and illustrates the extent of conformity to the water management principles adopted at the International Conference on Water and the Environment in Dublin in 1992. Several meetings were held with community members in the project area and a Local Stakeholder Committee (LSC) of the community members at all levels was formed. Several field visits to wastewater treatment and reuse projects were organized for LSC and other community representatives. A training workshop that targeted LSC and other community members, and focused on Participatory Rapid Appraisal tools and methodologies was conducted. Public awareness campaigns were undertaken by an NGO working in the project area. Graywater quality and quantity generated by six households in Abu Al- Farth village were investigated to evaluate the feasibility of reuse for irrigation and to assess treatment requirements. The daily graywater generation rates were 150–200 L per family. Organic contents, solids, and E. coli levels were relatively high, as were macronutrients. On-site treatment units (a septic tank followed by an intermittent sand filter) were constructed and began operating in March 2006; providing reclaimed water for restricted irrigation. The study showed that following the Dublin principles (saving freshwater, adopting participatory approaches, enhancing gender issues, and viewing water as an economic good) in water management even in small cases would ensure sustainability and successful management


Dublin Principles; integrated water resources management;

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ISBN: 92-9127-213-4
Publisher: ICARDA & IWM


Sustainable Management of Wastewater for Agriculture- Bridging Workshops

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Environmental Sciences related to Agriculture and Land-use

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