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Report, 2000

Försök med Kvernelands såplog

Pålsson, Lars


Packomat Seeder from Kverneland has been used in Sweden during the past five years. It has primarily been used on light soils since these soil types enables easier establishment of the crop. Field trials during 1999 were made in order to study establishment, growth and yield of barley on three different kinds of day soils (16 % day, 30 % day and 36 % day respectively) in Uppsala. The Packomat Seeder was used for sowing at three different occasions. The first sowing time was on the 9th of April, the second on the 21st of April and the third was on the 3rd of May. At the 3rd of May sowing was also done in a conventional way. Half of the plots sown with the Packomat Seeder in April were rolled after sowing. When the crop was established the number of seedlings per square meter was counted. There were significant differences between the plots sown in a conventional manner and the plots sown with the Packomat Seeder. The bulk density was also measured to show differences due to sowing method and the effect of rolling. The result showed that the effect of rolling on the bulk density was significant in two out of three trials. Later on in the season the number of ears per square meter was counted in all experimental plots. The highest number of side shoots was found in the experimental treatment with the earliest sowing time with the Packomat Seeder. Finally the yield from the experimental plots was measured. The all over highest yield was registered in the trial with 16 % day content in the treatment with the earliest sowing time with the Packomat Seeder in combination with rolling. In the other trials (30 % and 36 %) the highest yield was found in the experimental treatment with conventional sowing. In these two trials the second highest yield, were found in the treatment with the first sowing time performed by the Packomat Seeder


jordbearbetning; såplog; fältförsök; återpackning; jordart; avkastning; markfysikaliska undersökningar

Published in

Meddelanden från Jordbearbetningsavdelningen
2000, number: 33
Publisher: Institutionen för markvetenskap, Avdelningen för jordbearbetning

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Agricultural Science

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