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Grund plöjning med Kvernelands Ecomat och Ecomat seeder: resultat från undersökningar genomförda år 2005

Wellander, Johan


The Kverneland Ecomat and The Ecomat Seeder has been tested in three different field studies. All the studies were conducted on soils with different clay content during 2005 in Säby outside Uppsala. In one of the trial spring ploughing with the Ecomat and spring ploughing and seeding with Ecomat Seeder were compared with conventional autumn mouldboard ploughing and spring mouldboard ploughing to conventional depth (22-23 cm). In this study the quality of the seedbed, the number of emerged plants and weeds, the penetration resistance and the yield were examined. Shallow spring ploughing (10 cm) with the Kverneland Ecomat has shown to be a good alternative to conventional autumn ploughing when growing spring crops. During the season 2005 tilling with the Ecomat resulted in a higher yield than conventional ploughing. In 2002- 2005 the average yield for shallow spring ploughing was 4 percent higher than after conventional autumn mouldboard ploughing and 10 percent higher than after spring mouldboard ploughing to conventional depth (22-23 cm). In the other two studies, ploughing to different depth in the autumn with the Ecomat was compared with conventional mouldboard ploughing and stubble discing. The crop in one of the studies was restricted to winter wheat, and in the other it was restricted to spring barley. In these trials we examined the yield, the decomposition of crop residues, the presence of pathogens, the energy for fracturing and the specific draught requirement. In the monotonous winter-wheat crop succession there were no significant differences between tillage and the presence of fungi pathogens. In both trials there were positive interaction between the tillage depth and yield. The deepest treatments with the Ecomat (17 cm) resulted in the same yield as with conventional ploughing


jordbearbetning; Ecomat; fältförsök; jordart; bearbetningssystem; såbäddsegenskaper; uppkomst; bearbetningsdjup; avkastning

Published in

Meddelanden från Jordbearbetningsavdelningen
2007, number: 54
Publisher: Institutionen för markvetenskap, Avdelningen för jordbearbetning

UKÄ Subject classification

Agricultural Science

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