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Research article2011Peer reviewedOpen access

Pregnancies Following Artificial Insemination with Spermatozoa from Problem Stallion Ejaculates Processed by Single Layer Centrifugation with Androcoll-E

Morrell, J. M.; Mari, G.; Kutvolgyi, G.; Meurling, S.; Mislei, B.; Iacono, E.; Rodriguez-Martinez, H.


Some stallions produce ejaculates of low quality and/or low fertility when used for artificial insemination (AI). The purpose of these five case studies was to use Single Layer Centrifugation (SLC) to select the best spermatozoa from 'problem' ejaculates for subsequent use in AI. Sperm quality, in terms of motility, morphology and chromatin integrity, was improved in the SLC-selected samples compared to the corresponding uncentrifuged samples, with the exception of one stallion thought to have ampullary stasis. In this stallion, neither the incidence of spermatozoa with detached heads nor the proportion of damaged chromatin was decreased by SLC, in contrast to previous results. Pregnancies were obtained after using SLC-selected spermatozoa from the five stallions for AI, indicating that the spermatozoa were functional after SLC. Overall, the results suggest that SLC may be useful when preparing AI doses from some 'problem' ejaculates.

Published in

Reproduction in Domestic Animals
2011, Volume: 46, number: 4, pages: 642-645
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

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    Animal and Dairy Science
    Veterinary Science

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