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Is there enough primary forest fuel available to feed into the existing and planned CHP facilities? The case of Northern Sweden

Athanassiadis, Dimitris; Lundström, Anders; Wikström, Peder; Matisons, Magnus; Nordfjell, Tomas


A combined GIS and optimization method was used to calculate logging residue (slash and stumps) flows and expected costs at the heating or combined heat and power plants (CHP) in Northern Sweden for two logging residue supply chains. Regional primary forest energy availability was estimated considering ecological, technical and economical restrictions. Two supply chains were considered: One supply chain was based on truck transport of the fuel to the CHP plants and the other one was based on collecting the fuel to terminals adjacent to railway lines and transporting it by train to plants that are located in Central Sweden. The costs for each supply chain were calculated based on current costs for harvesting, forwarding, chipping/crushing, machine allocation to the harvesting site, road transport, compensation to the land owner and administration. The lowest cost pathway to the plants was selected. The effects of the establishment of the CHP plants on regional development are discussed


Slash; stumps; optimization; GIS

Published in

Publications / FINBIO
2010, number: 47, pages: 77-83 Title: Forest bioenergy 2010 : 31.8. - 4.9.2010 : book of proceedings
Publisher: FINBIO


Forest Bioenergy 2010