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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2010

Different levels of 3D: an Evaluation of Visualized Discrete Spatiotemporal Data in Space Time-Cubes

Kjellin Andreas, Winkler Petterson Lars, Seipel Stefan, Lind Mats


New technologies and techniques allow novel kinds of visualizations and different types of 3D visualizations are constantly developed. We propose a categorization of 3D visualizations and, based on this categorization, evaluate two versions of a space-time cube that show discrete spatiotemporal data. The two visualization techniques used are a head-tracked stereoscopic visualization ('strong 3D') and a static monocular visualization ('weak 3D'). In terms of effectiveness and efficiency the weak 3D visualization is as good as the strong 3D and thus the need for advanced 3D visualizations in these kinds of tasks may not be necessary

Published in

Information Visualization
2010, Volume: 9, number: 2, pages: 152-164

UKÄ Subject classification

Information Science

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