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Research article2011Peer reviewed

The Russian top-down organised co-operatives - reasons behind the failure

Golovina Svetlana, Nilsson Jerker


Studies show that the co-operatives that have been established by governmental officials in Russia have not been successful. This study seeks to explore whether the governmental decision makers are badly informed about the conditions for running co-operative enterprises. The study is based on surveys within the Kurgan region: with agricultural producers who are not co-operative members, members of the co-operatives at the formation stage, the same members at a later point in time, and a sample of governmental officials. The findings indicate that the governmental officials have poor knowledge about the socio-psychological conditions among the agricultural producers

Published in

Post-Communist Economies
2011, Volume: 23, number: 1, pages: 55-67
Publisher: Routledge

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    Economics and Business
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