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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2011

Integrated logistics network for the supply chain of locally produced food, Part I: Location and route optimization analyses

Bosona, Techane Gari; Gebresenbet, Girma; Nordmark, Ingrid; Ljungberg, David


Due to a growing interest in locally produced food (LPF), there is a tendency of promoting local food systems. The objective of this study was to investigate the existing flow of LPF from producers to consumers and develop a coordinated and efficient distribution system for producers in Halland region, Sweden. An integrated logistics network (ILN) embracing producers, retailers, a collection centre (CC) and a distribution centre (DC) was proposed. Data collection, location analysis and route optimisation analysis were conducted. Geographic information system (GIS) and Route LogiX software were utilised for the analyses. Four scenarios of food distribution were identified and analyzed. When compared to the existing system, the best scenario improved transport distance, time and number of routes up to 93%, 92% and 87% respectively. The distribution of LPF was integrated into large scale food distribution channel (LSFDC) and this could increase the sustainability of local food system


Locally produced food; Location analysis; Route optimisation; Collection centre; Distribution centre

Published in

Journal of Service Science and Management
2011, Volume: 4, number: 2, pages: 174-183
Publisher: Scientific Research