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Research article2004Peer reviewed

Effectiveness of treatment of Norway spruce stumps with Phlebiopsis gigantea at different rates of coverage for the control of Heterobasidion

Berglund, M; Ronnberg, J


The natural establishment of the root and butt rot causing fungus Heterobasidion annosum s.l. on Norway spruce (Picea abies) thinning stumps treated with Pblebiopsis gigantea was investigated on seven sites in southern Sweden. The trees were cut during summertime and the stumps were treated with different patterns simulating the effect of mechanical stump treatment wit a single-grip harvester. Sampling was conducted 3 and 12 months after treatment. At both samplings, the best control was obtained when 100% of the stump surface was covered by P. gigantea: in contrast, untreated control stumps showed the highest incidences of H. annosum s.l. infection at both sampling times. However, 30 and 26% of the fully covered stumps at the first and second samplings, respectively, were diseased, and question the efficacy of treating Norway spruce stumps with this biological control agent in Sweden.

Published in

Forest Pathology
2004, Volume: 34, number: 4, pages: 233-243
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell