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Licentiate thesis, 2011

Asymmetric and symmetric hydration of hydrated anions in aqueous solution

Eklund, Lars


The interaction between solvent and solute is a very important chemical property that has large impact on the chemical reactions taking place. In Paper I and II the structure of hydrated sulfite, selenite and selenate in aqueous solutions are determined and compared. The sulfite is also compared with earlier work and new work has been done to show the difference in symmetric an asymmetric hydration. The first hydration shell of sulfite and selenite has been shown to be asymmetric with large influences on the properties of these ionic aqueous solutions, it is therefore vital that these structures are known. Furthermore, the polyatomic anions studied have been shown to be structure makers, and this greatly affects the thermodynamic properties of the solutions. One can conclude that the series of the solutions, from weakest to strongest structure maker, is selenite < selenate < sulfite < sulfate. This indicates a trend in the hydration behavior of oxoanions where higher oxidation and symmetry leads to stronger structure making behavior in addition to the expected effect generated by increased charge density. In conclusion, the effects of asymmetric hydration can be seen in the ions studied with great effect to the physico-chemical properties of the hydrated ions and the reactions that they are involved in.


lic.-avh; hydration; solutions; chemicophysical properties; sulphites

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ISBN: 978-91-576-9040-1
Publisher: Department of Chemistry, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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Eklund, Lars
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Chemistry

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Physical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry

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