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Conference abstract - Peer-reviewed, 2011

The effects of crop rotation and short fallow on the abundance of perennial sow-thistle (Sonchus arvensis L.)

Lundkvist, Anneli; Fogelfors, Håkan; Ericson, Lars; Verwijst, Theo

Published in

NJF Report
2011, Volume: 7, number: 3, pages: 76-76
Book title: Food, feed, fuel and fun : Nordic light on the future land use and rural development : Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists, Uppsala, Sweden, June 14-16, 2011 : book of abstracts of the 24th NJF Congress and of the 2nd Nordic Feed Science Conference : Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, June 15-16 2011
Publisher: Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists


24th NJF Congress : Food, Feed, Fuel and Fun : Nordic Light on Future Land Use and Rural Development