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Research article2011Peer reviewed

Molecular characterisation of Raspberry bushy dwarf virus isolates from Sweden and Belarus

Valasevich Natallia, Kukharchyk Natallia, Kvarnheden Anders


The complete coding sequences were determined for RNA-1 and RNA-2 of five raspberry isolates of Raspberry bushy dwarf virus (RBDV) from Belarus (BY1, BY3, BY8, BY22) and Sweden (SE3). The analysed sequences for both RNA-1 and RNA-2 were highly conserved among these isolates. Phylogenetic analyses including available sequences for the CP gene and the MP gene showed that all analysed RBDV isolates from raspberry were closely related. However, there was no strong correlation between the grouping of raspberry isolates in the phylogenetic analyses and their geographical location. In contrast, RBDV isolates showed a host-dependent relationship with isolates from raspberry and grapevine, forming two distinct clades

Published in

Archives of Virology
2011, Volume: 156, number: 3, pages: 369-374

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