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Report, 2011

Producing Feedstock for Biofuels : Land-Use and Local Environmental Impacts

Englund, Oskar; Berndes, Göran; Lundgren, Lina; Palm, Matilda; Engström, Linda; Bäckman, Carol; Marquardt, Kristina; Stephansson, Eva


Feedstock production and conversion to biofuels can affect the local environment in many different ways. Given that biofuels presently mostly are produced from conventional food crops, impacts resemble those characterising the present day agriculture. These depend on the crops produced, the production systems employed, governance conditions, and local environmental conditions. In the main report, production system characteristics and current documented environmental impacts related to e.g. air and water quality and biodiversity – associated with the production of relevant biofuel crops are presented in each country land-use profile


biofuels; environmental impact; land use; European Renewable Energy Directive

Published in

Rapportserie för Avdelningen för fysisk resursteori
2011, number: 2011:06
Publisher: Chalmers University of Technology