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Conference paper, 2011

Integrated pest and disease management (IPM) for strawberry production in Sweden

Svensson, Birgitta; Nilsson, Thilda; Kronhed, Andreas; Jansson, Johanna; Winter, Christina; Manduric, Sanja


An Integrated Pest and Disease Management (IPM) programme for strawberry production was evaluated in a series of studies carried out in 2010. The main aim was to identify suitable field scouting tools and disease thresholds in field trials and to inform growers of IPM practices. The IPM strategy was composed of field scouting, utilisation of an early warning system for management of Botrytis cinerea and inclusion of biological control agents/physical preparations in an overall management system. Although the study only lasted one year, the results helped identify problems and possible areas for further research and development trials. Positive results were generally obtained using the Botrytis warning system BOTEM, while the bio-control organism Neoseiulus cucumeris demonstrated good effect in controlling tarsonemid mites


BOTEM; Botrytis cinerea; IPM; Neoseiulus cucumeris; strawberry; tarsonemid mite

Published in

IOBC-WPRS Bulletin
2011, volume: 70, pages: 201-205
Book title: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – National Action Plans in Nordic-Baltic countries : NJF seminar 458
ISBN: 978-92-9067-247-0
Publisher: International Organization for Biological and Integrated Control of Noxious Animals and Plants, West Palearctic Regional Section


Workshop on Integrated Soft Fruit Production 2010

Authors' information

Svensson, Birgitta
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture
Nilsson, Thilda
The Rural Economy and Agricultural Societies
Kronhed, Andreas
Lovang Lantbrukskonsult AB
Jansson, Johanna
Swedish Board of Agriculture
Winter, Christina
Swedish Board of Agriculture
Manduric, Sanja
Swedish Board of Agriculture

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