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Other publication - Peer-reviewed, 2011

Auxin and cytokinin regulate each other's levels via a metabolic feedback loop

Jones, B; Ljung, Karin


The hormones auxin and cytokinin are key regulators of plant growth and development. As they are active at minute concentrations and regulate dynamic processes, cell and tissue levels of the hormones are finely controlled developmentally, diurnally, and in response to environmental variables. This fine control, along with a regulation of the capacity to respond ensures that the appropriate type, duration and intensity of responses are elicited. We have recently discovered that cytokinin and auxin regulate the synthesis of each other, demonstrating a mechanism for mutual feed back and feed forward control of auxin and cytokinin levels. This regulatory loop could be important for many developmental processes in plants, i.e., in fine-tuning plant hormone levels in the developing meristems of the root and shoot apex. These findings could also give a molecular explanation for earlier observations of auxin and cytokinin effects on cell cultures,1 where specific auxin and cytokinin ratios have been used to trigger different morphological events

Published in

Plant Signaling and Behavior
2011, Volume: 6, pages: 901-904