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Conference abstract - Peer-reviewed, 2011

Development of efficient harvesting techniques for young bioenergy-thinnings

Bergström, Dan; Nordfjell, Tomas; Bergsten, Urban


There has been increasing interest in new harvesting methods, techniques and systems for cost-efficient thinning of forest fuels from young dense stands. Current research has been focusing on applying boom-corridor thinning, meaning that the trees between strip-roads are felled in linear crane movements in narrow e.g. 1-1.5 m wide corridors with lengths corresponding to the cranes reach. Results from simulations, field studies and tests of prototype equipment for geometric boom-corridor thinning between strip-roads show potential to double the productivity, compared to conventional harvesting operations. Currently, efforts are being made to realize the operational possibilities of such technology. As described here, the first steps have been to specify the necessary requirements and evaluate prototypes virtually. The goal is to demonstrate a technical concept for continuous felling and boom-corridor accumulation of trees before bunching at strip-road sides


Pre-commercial thinning; early thinning; fuel wood

Published in

Publications / FINBIO
2011, number: 51, pages: 172-172
Book title: Book of proceedings
ISBN: 978-952-5135-51-0
Publisher: Finnish Bioenergy Association


Nordic Bioenergy 2011