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Research article2010Peer reviewed

ISO 14001 Certification in BoP Markets: Case Studies in Uruguay

Malmborg, Åsa; Mark-Herbert, Cecilia


As a part of corporate responsibility, environmental certification is becoming an imperative for many corporations throughout the world. Costs for certification and audits and minimal demand from local markets are particularly critical in a base-of-the-yramid (BoP) markets. In spite of a lack in local demand, the studied cases, four local companies in Uruguay choose to invest in EMS certification. This research project aims at identifying motives for certification and perceived effects after the implementation. The motives for investing in an environmental management system are associated with perceived opportunities and threats of restrictions of various sorts. A weak legal context is perceived as a driving force and a limiting factor. A number of key stakeholders, including financial institutes, customers, NGOs, authorities and certifying organizations, are identified as crucial for future corporate sustainable development in BoP markets


BoP; certification; corporate responsibility; environmental management system; ISO14001; sustainable development

Published in

Greener Management International
2010, Volume: 56, pages: 57-73
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing Ltd