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Research article2011Peer reviewed

Managing Procurement Of Food With Added Value: A Case Study Of Beef In The Catering Sector

Astner Hanna, Stigzelius Ingrid, Andersson Hans, Mark-Herbert Cecilia


Consumers have limited options to choose food with added values in the catering market. Management challenges include making informed product portfolio decisions of what to offer the consumers. These decisions are based on procedures for procurement. The public procurement process is influenced by political objectives and a different set of laws compared to commercial procurement. This research project explores the management of procurement conditions for food products with added values; with a particular interest in beef in public and private restaurants. The results show that personal values of professional purchasers play a key role in the procurement decision. In the commercial sector, marketing of food with added values can provide opportunities for differentiation. In public procurement, opportunities for food with added values are influenced by politics and legislation. Main management obstacles perceived by catering units purchasing beef with added values are associated with lack of volumes, ineffective distribution and higher prices


locally produced; meat; organic; private; public; procurement; purchase; restaurant; Sweden; value chain

Published in

Problems of Management in the 21st Century
2011, Volume: 2, number: 2, pages: 19-35