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Research article2012Peer reviewed

Effects of pelvic suspension of beef carcasses on quality and physical traits of five muscles from four gender-age groups

Lundesjö Ahnström Maria, Hunt Melvin C, Lundström Kerstin


Pelvic and Achilles suspension methods for beef carcasses were compared for four gender-age groups (24 month bulls, 34 month bulls, heifers, and cows) and five muscles [M. longissimus dorsi (LD), M. semimembranosus (SM). M. adductor (AD), M. psoas major (PM), and M. gluteus medius (GM)]. Pelvic suspension increased muscle and sarcomere lengths in the SM, LD, GM, and AD muscles. The following effects were significant (p<0.05). Peak force was reduced by pelvic suspension in the LD and GM of bulls-24 and bulls-34, but not heifers and cows. Furthermore, peak forces decreased for the SM after pelvic suspension in bulls-24, bulls-34, and heifers. For the AD, the only decrease in peak force was for bulls-34. Water-holding capacity increased and purge in vacuum bags decreased for pelvic suspension of all muscles except the PM. Although the effects of pelvic suspension varied somewhat between gender-age groups and muscles, this method of hanging carcasses merits industrial consideration because it improves muscle yields, tenderness, and reduces variation within muscles. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Beef; Tenderness; Muscles; Achilles- and pelvic suspension; Sarcomeres; Shear force

Published in

Meat Science
2012, Volume: 90, number: 3, pages: 528-535

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