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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2004

Total chemical synthesis and NMR characterization of the glycopeptide tx5a, a heavily post→translationally modified conoxin, reveals that the glycan structure is a–D–Gal–(1→3)–a–D–GalNAc

Kang J, Low W, Meisenhelder J, Hansso K, Stenflo J, Zhou G, Imperial J, Olivera B M, Rigby A C, Craig A G, Norberg Thomas

Published in

European Journal of Biochemistry
2004, number: 271, pages: 4939-4949
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Authors' information

Norberg, Thomas
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Chemistry
Craig, A G
Hansso, K
Imperial, J
Kang, J
Low, W
Meisenhelder, J
Olivera, B M
Rigby, A C
Stenflo, J
Zhou, G

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