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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2004

Efficacy of selamectin in the treatment of nasal mite (Pneumonyssoides caninum) infection in dogs

Gunnarsson L, Zakrisson G, Christensson D, Uggla A


In a laboratory study to evaluate the efficacy of selamectin for treatment of canine nasal mite infection, 12 purpose-bred beagles were experimentally infected with Pneumonyssoides caninum ( P. caninum). Six of the dogs were treated with selamectin applied to the skin of the back at dosages of 6 to 24 mg/kg for three times at 2-week intervals. The remaining six dogs were an untreated control group. At necropsy 39 to 46 days after inoculation, no P. caninum mites were found in any of the treated dogs. In contrast, nasal mites were found in five of the untreated dogs. This difference was statistically significant at P = 0.015

Published in

Journal Of The American Animal Hospital Association
2004, volume: 40, number: 5, pages: 400-404

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Gunnarsson, L
Zakrisson, G
Christensson, D

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